A tasty base for front-end development

Sofrito is a flexible starting point for responsible, responsive websites. Its main ingredients are semantic HTML, modern CSS and vanilla JavaScript.

Download v1.0


Accessible and resilient. Favours web standards over frameworks. IndieWeb–friendly. Lean and fast. JavaScript as an enhancement rather than prerequisite. Focused on user experience. Handles modern UI challenges.


Packed full of best practices and developer insights for accessibility, layout, performance, and cross-browser compatibility. Sofrito stands on the shoulders of giants. Includes modern layouts via CSS Grid and Flexbox. Lots of typographic detail for a great reading experience.


Every developer needs reliable, go-to components. Sofrito is brimming with framework-free solutions to common front-end challenges such as SVG icons, responsive images, fixed footers, mobile navigation, accessible forms, modals, tabs, animated messaging and more.